Planning to organise a pool party event? Here are some key points to consider for a successful and fun night!

i) Always make sure you have lifeguards on duty. Safety for every attendee is of the highest importance; this even includes events which are not in, but just around the pool.

ii) Most pools that people like to use for events are outdoors, so you will need to think about a contingency plan in case of bad weather. Do plan in advance so if a storm does hit, your guests have somewhere else to go to continue their party.

iii) Glass objects such as bottles and glasses should be kept away from the pool at all times. It is best to replace these with alternatives that will not break easily and cause injuries if it does drop into the pool.

iv) As it is likely that the surrounding floors will get wet, do plan about arranging additional non slip mats or carpets to prevent guests from slipping.

Article written by Entertaining Asia.

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