Lots of people like organizing New Year’s Parties; but because of that, it gets hard to come up with a unique theme for the night. There are a few things that you can consider when it comes to picking out an appropriate and fun concept for the night:


i) What has been done before? Not just research about parties in your own city, but also consider themes done in other cities. Pick and choose from there and see what you think would best appeal to your guests.

ii) Are there any current themes and trends that are popular? Look for events, icons, or music genres that have been hit the past year and see if any of them are good as a theme.

iii) Keep the theme general. This way, guests can freely choose and interpret the night with their own creativity in costumes and props selection.

iv) Be careful about name rights and copyright issues with brands or certain themes. There are certain names that you cannot use when it comes to creating an event since it might have been copyrighted by somebody else already.

v) With everybody eager to execute the best party that night, try and find out what other people are doing to prevent yourself from choosing the same theme!

Article written by Entertaining Asia.

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