Artists and performers have to travel a lot when they are on tour and usually don’t have much staying time at each country they visit; therefore having someone who can prepare everything for the artist is very important. People often oversee the importance of catering to the performer, from things like change of clothes to a particular kind of food that they like; it’s all vital in prepping the artist ready for a great performance.

Having all the right items (rider) of the artist’s preference not only show you care as an organizer, it also makes it more likely that they will come back for any future events you host.

Not only are the performers important, the correct technical setups (technical rider) are also essential to a performance. Having a technical rider who puts together exactly what the performers require for their performances allows for the best possible show to happen.

They need to be well aware of all the things they need, with a list written out including point by point to follow through for set up. From the particular height of the DJ booth, to the volume of the music, to the area reserved for the performers to perform in; everything is influential to the final quality of their performance.

If something cannot be sourced locally, don’t hesitate to contact the agent and let them know, to ensure that they can provide the specific item to the tour.  The happier everyone is the better the show will be! Therefore always take these documents seriously and follow them for a successful event!

Article written by Entertaining Asia.

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