By preparing a presentation of your event to the right companies; it’s not that hard to secure a sponsor for your next event. Here are some of our tips for doing so:

i) Write out a plan of your event
Not only should the plan describe what you event is about; it should also state what you are looking for from the sponsor, and most importantly, what you can give back to the sponsor if they take part in the event.

ii) Learn about the Companies
After that, create a list of companies that you believe fits well with your event. “Fit” meaning that the people attending your event are of the company’s target market. The venue is appropriately associable to the brand and the elements of the event are of the brand’s interest. 

iii) Pitch the right Company
Each sponsor has different requirements when they are planning to sponsor an event, so do make sure that what they want are followed and honoured. There is no point in trying to pitch a project to a sponsor that really does not match their company direction.

iv) Report of the Event
A sponsor also needs to present the results of the event sponsorship internally to their company, so do also send them a report after the event.

Article written by Entertaining Asia.

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