Unfortunately anyone can say there are an event person in a day. You can register a company, make some cards and just because you have organised a friend's Birthday Party or two, you believe you are at the level to be considered as an event professional.

The thing is with this industry and why people hire companies like Entertaining Asia is that it is primarily based around the years of experience. You can study event management as long as you want, but that does not match learning firsthand how to be an event manager. You need to break down your time based on your experience on how things work, how people work to make sure that you are able to deliver everything on the event date. Not just that but also be able to anticipate certain events in the lead up to the event day that could possibly effect the successful outcome of the event in a negative way.

We have seen people that say they can handle an event without any experience and then watched them miss key elements of an event or not communicated to one of the parties involved clearly and in detail. This then causing problems and additional event cost that could have been avoided. Just hiring Entertaining Asia would have save the cost in the long run.

Being an event manager takes years and is an ongoing learning experience for any event professional. Entertaining Asia has now been operating for 12 years and has worked on hundreds of events of all different themes and venues.


Article written by Entertaining Asia.

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