If you have an artist/performer coming to Hong Kong to perform for one/two hours (paid or unpaid) you need to apply for an employment visa for them to be legally allowed to perform in Hong Kong.

The application is very similar to someone coming to work in Hong Kong on a full time basis. The difference is that some of the material requested by the Hong Kong Immigration Department will vary between the cases.

The Hong Kong Immigration Department have a specific list of what is required for a successful applicant and it is important to be able to deliver all of this at one time, complete and in order. This allows them to complete their review in one time and make their decision on if the case is going to be approved, more information is required, or it is to be rejected.

There have been cases over the last 15 years where artists have been stopped at the airport and sent back to their country. The worst kind of situation, they are arrested and put in jail, before being sent back to the country they came from.

If you require assistance for an artist visa, our company provides a one-stop visa application service and has obtained visas for many amazing private and public shows in Hong Kong.

Article written by Entertaining Asia.

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