Why book entertainment through an event company, instead of directly?

We get asked this quite a lot. Of course with the internet you can always search around and find a direct contact with the entertainment that you are looking for pretty quickly. Most of them have a Facebook page or a website and can easily respond to each enquiry.


I think this would be easier to list out the reasons in point form:

  • An event company will screen the entertainment to make sure that it really is suitable for the event that you are planning.
  • An event company will anticipate many specific requirements for the entertainment. For example that they can only perform for a maximum of 10 minutes or they always require a changing room.
  • An event company will take into the venue and other surroundings into consideration for the entertainment to work. For example is there enough power based on what else is happening? Is there enough lighting for people to actually see the entertainment? Can people actually see the entertainment from where they are standing?
  • Depending upon the event, an event company would prepare backup entertainment in case something happens with the confirmed entertainment.
  • An event company would anticipate how the entertainment would fit into the schedule of the event and anticipate what kind of timing would be required. We have arranged entertainment hours before their actual booking time to make sure that everything was ready. If this had not been done there would not have been any performance.
  • An event company will compile all of the relevant entertainment material of each performer that can be then used in internal pitches and presentations for the client.
  • An event company would pre-screen the entertainment that they are legally allowed to work in each specific country they are booked for.
  • An event company will know the market rates of a wide variety of entertainment, so can provide potential clients some general pricing ideas straight away.
  • By booking through an event company your will have booking agreements directly with a company that has a physical office that you can visit if required. Where the entertainment not always but often does not.


So generally we believe it is the best idea, that is why we provide such a service and add value to those individuals or companies that are looking to book entertainment for their next event.


Article written by Entertaining Asia.

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