How I would change

Firstly I want to make it clear that these are suggestions that I have, after been a long term user of the site and maybe these functions are already there, I  just have not found them yet. I wanted to share my ideas with those online on what I feel would make (I site I use every day) just that bit better.

1) Where the hashtag is currently located on the top right of a track should be a buy button. This should be a different colour so it stands out from all the others and encourages people to consider purchasing the track. should charge a very small amount for large volumes of clicks/ referrals to the accounts for this. The button should also have a drop down function if there are multiple locations where people can purchase the track. Where should the hashtag buttons go? This can go underneath the played and comments icons on the bottom right under the track.

2) Part 2 of (1) is where when someone uploads a mix, they can actually put direct links to buy each track that is featured in that mix. This list would appear after the tracks description.

3) I follow a lot of artists, but there are many that I want to get daily / weekly / monthly updates, but not my whole list like in my feed. In my profile it would be great to have A 'cloudie' list of those that I would want instant updates and or on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. Right now I have to click like to flag a track or mix and then check my like list to see if any of those artists have any updates.

4) It would be great if there were some more mirrored servers within Asia so that the streaming/ access was a bit faster.

5) Not really something that anyone particularly likes but actually have recorded ads in tracks that are more than 15 minutes. So if you have a DJ mix of 1 hour online then you would have 4 adverts played for 15 seconds during the mix, but not going over the track that has been uploaded.

6) In 'discover' I would like to find artists by country. Being based in Hong Kong I am always looking to find local and talented producers and I am sure they are on So if you could search by country, by popularity and what is new, this would keep me on the site a lot longer. For our page we want to share local talent, but takes quite a bit of time to find them.

7) For those artists that have released quite a few tracks, but you want to get a teaser of each track, how about a function for that? Maybe something like mini mix'. This is where an artist can select some of their tracks in the backend of the site, select 10-20 seconds of the tracks they want to showcase into a mini mix. Then by clicking this at the top of the page you can to hear some samples of their tracks as well as listings what the tracks are and a function where they can click on each of them to hear more. This would be a lot better than an artist having to make a mini mix and then upload it themselves. With this function they can also change up their channel mini mix whenever they want to whatever tracks they have uploaded and change the order.

8) Just a bit of extra fun where there is an option in the buttons under a track to include 'video' so people can click and watch a music video of that particular track.

9) For artists that tour, how about integrating and partnering with a website like so that there is an extra tab on the page for people to find out when their favourite artist is coming to town.

That is all for now, I am sure I am going to have more very soon!

Written by Nick Willsher of