Just recently I read that 'Twitter shares dive as losses widen'  (Source BBC : http://www.bbc.com/news/business-38920856). This encouraged me to write another article like my Soundcloud.com one, this time on how I would change Twitter.

Our company does uses Twitter (even though it is not that popular in Hong Kong/ Macau) for marketing purposes every day. I have come up with my personal list of suggestions for Twitter on some changes on how they could potentially reduce their losses and hopefully turn a profit. Once again if any of these functions are already there, then great, but I have not found them yet.

1) Tagging. I always want to do lots of tagging in each tweet to let those know I am mentioning them as well as letting followers click on the link to view the person I am talking about. But if you do the wrong tag (the view / preview option is not clear enough), there is no edit function of a tweet so I find I have to copy it and then redo it with the correct tag. It should also come up with the most likely person based on the accounts that you are following.

2) Hash tags. Just like Instagram it should also show up hash tags that your account uses, so you do not have to type them out each time. Also giving related suggestions after you have selected a hash tag. This gives you the option to add more and then creating more social networking through the system.

3) Adverts on embedded tweets. Under each tweet that is embedded there should be a banner from Twitter advertisers. So therefore all of the tweets that get embedded on various websites will then become a platform for advertisers. The website then that is embedding the tweets can then setup their own Twitter account where there is a paid function not to show banners on the tweets that they embed. Which would be across each domain that they own/ manage/ select. To confirm their ownership they would need to include some code in the source code of each website to verify their management/ ownership.

4) Adverts in Twitter feeds. This can be found in the feed of the latest tweets a user reads and follows as well as their own individual or company tweet feed. The invidual or company also has the option to pay a fee to remove these adverts from their own feed as well as the feed of those that they follow and read each day.

5) Videos. Personally I do not put enough focus on uploading videos to Twitter. I am always reminded that Instagram and Facebook it is a lot more about the video content now. There should be a more prominent and highlighted option to add videos into Instagram.  By having this feeds can be a lot more visually attractive and engaging than they currently are. Most of my feeds and the ones I follow are almost 100% text.

Written by Nick Willsher of www.entertainingasia.com.