Below are 25 ideas in marketing an event for Hong Kong, but most of these ideas can actually be applied worldwide.

1)    Update your articles on google business.
2)    Update articles on LinkedIn profile and group or business page.
3)    Take advantage of local event discovery websites like and that offer free event listings services.
4)    Create an info-graphic that could be shared.
5)    Offer a ticket giveaway to your event at the beginning and end it well before your event date.
6)    Create a YouTube account and post your video content.
7)    Speakers about your event and upload the videos to your YouTube account and Facebook.
8)    Setup a newsletter with subscribers and segment them to different interests.
9)    Hire a professional photographer and videographer which can be done through Entertaining Asia. With this content your get some much more response.
10)    Hire some KOLs to represent your event.
11)    Make your event marketing more about a discussion on what is happening, instead just providing information. Also tell a story.
12)    On Facebook adverts look for a lookalike audience that matches the types of people you are looking to reach. Also do A/B testing.
13)    Offer a limited amount of early bird tickets and make them easy to buy. The early people have purchased these, they then become your speakers and will let their network know they are already going.
14)    Try and meet people at other related events and let them know about yours.
15)    Use google analytics on your website to find out who is interested and then adjust your marketing based on that.
16)    Street Flyering and Human billboards. Hand out flyers in specific areas in the city where your market would be located. Entertaining Asia provides this service.
17)    Send out their information through Whatsapp broadcast to those you know that you think should attend.
18)    Create a hashtag so you can track the activities you do.
19)    Invest into a good designer as makes a lot of difference when marketing.
20)    Highlight all of the brands and sponsors involved in the event.
21)    Include the event in your email signature so that those you deal with each day will see it.
22)    Join related Facebook groups and post your event where allowed.
23)    When possible actually send direct mail in the post. Make sure the quality of the materials is not cheap, as that will reflect on your business.
24)    Invite local media specifically by name.
25)    Create content that will create FOMO (fear of missing out).

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