We thought we would share our tips with our clients and friends in the Hong Kong event and entertainment industry on what you can do currently when most events and entertainment schedules are postponed.

1)    Google Business. Gain access to and manage your google business page. Make sure all of the details are correct and post some latest news about your food, drinks and venue.

2)    Link checking. Go through your social media pages and website to make sure that all links work and that if you had old promotions and broken links that these are fixed.

3)    Listings. Use google and other well-known search engines to Hong Kong and search for your business. Check all the listings information is correct, update your details including description and images if possible. Some you can edit yourself and others you would need to contact the relevant websites.

4)    Databases. Check your newsletter and guest databases to make sure it is up to date and organised so when you can announce your next event you will reach all the right people with your latest news. If you do not have one then set on up. Mailchimp has a free service until you reach a certain number of subscribers.

5)    Calendar. Review your 2020 calendar and put together a tentative list of what events and activities you plan to organise. Also include other companies events happening that may influence what you are planning so you can choose the right date/s. Of course this is still uncertain, but at least you will have an idea and then you can see what you can prepare now for when you can confirm these plans. In addition you can also put your tentative lead time schedule together on when you need to do what. This does not have to have a set date but your time frame can already be planned. For example: Launch online marketing 4 weeks before event.

6)    Upgrade and Repair. Review your company’s website, sales kit and company information to see what can be improved and updated. Usually we do this in December, but if you have not had a chance then why not do it now?

7)    Study. There are a lot of online courses to refresh yourself on certain business areas from event management to event marketing. We found all the courses on LinkedIn Learning very helpful and the month fee is not to much.

8)    Market Research. Do some market research to see what other event and entertainment companies are doing in the market as well as look at companies overseas to see if there is something you should be doing later in 2020.For example you can search for the latest trending event entertainment to the latest software for virtual events.

9)    Suppliers. Reach out to your suppliers to get the latest pricing and products as well as find out what is new and available on the market that would be something worth offering to your customers when you start organising or participating in events and entertainment bookings.

Finally do all look after yourselves and your teams!

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