If making your mark in college was by tossing ping pong balls into red plastic cups, your professors and parents may have been a little disappointed, but Beerpong.hk gave people the chance to use their beer pong skills to win cash, prizes and a reputation for being the best beer pong player in Hong Kong.


The success of several tournament in 2010 meant the birth of the official beer pong tournament. The event, sponsored by San Miguel, saw some Hong Kong’s Beer Pong players try their hand at an old frat party favourite in a fun, competitive environment  across some of Lan Kwai Fong’s best venues.

So how do you play? Teams of two gather at either end of a table that has ten plastic cups partially filled with beer arranged in a pyramid shape at each end. For every cup your opponent hits on your side of the table, you have to drink its content.  First team to clear out all ten cups wins. The game that is sweeping the globe can be found everywhere from college campuses in the U.S to Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

This is Hong Kong first official beer pong tournament, so come pong-a-long for the fun of the game, the money and the competition and show off your impressive beer pong skills!