“Lightness of Being” was part of the K11 Presents Paris, Bonjour! exhibition that lasted for several months.

Entertaining Asia was in charge of the production of the event in partnership with Hopscotch Asia In One, the creative agency.

Entertaining Asia worked closely with its client, the mall, and its partners throughout this long-term project. Under the creative leadership of the client and the management of the mall, Entertaining Asia coordinated production throughout the entire venue, including an open-air piazza and two arts galleries. Large metal balloons were hung from the ceiling, galleries were draped in black and white, cutting-edge display boxes were created, crystal clear mannequins were brought in, and high-quality exhibition backdrops were custom made for various spaces. Additionally floor stickers were added throughout the mall to connect the different exhibition areas.

The production for the exhibition was able to make real the client’s vision of a unique arts experience for both the public and special event guests alike, over the months of the exhibition.